The digital journey

Whether it is the first time they discover your organisation or the final touch point before becoming a customer, your digital presence will play an important, sometimes key, role in your customer's journey. 

The long (and winding) road 

Depending on what it is you're selling, your customer's journey to purchase can be long, unpredictable and often complex. Unfortunately it's all to easy to loose a prospective customer along the way. Optimising your digital presence to minimise this risk is critical.


Are you reaching your target customers or users? Do they know what you do and why you are different? Are you spending your marketing budget effectively? 

Digital touch points 


  • Social Media

  • Email marketing

  • Online events

  • Search marketing

  • Re-marketing

How we help: campaign tracking, google goals, journey mapping 


Does your target customer understand the products and services you sell? Is your value proposition clear? Do you stand out from your competition?


Digital activities include:


  • Personalisation

  • Promotions and offers 

  • Differentiated offers

  • CRM integration 

  • Content strategy 

How we help: personalisation, optimisation, content strategy, service design

Is your sales funnel optimised? is it easy to use? Is it seamlessly multi-channel? Are the products or services you offer easy to compare? 

Digital activities include:

  • Sales funnel optimisation

  • A/B testing

  • CRM integration

  • Personalised offers

  • Multi-channel strategy  

How we help: personalisation, A/B testing, google goal setting, google funnel tracking


Can customers engage with you easily through digital channels? 

Do you effectively cross sell and up sell other services or products?  are you service emails well received?

Digital activities include:


  • Self service platforms

  • Help and support

  • Cross sell/Up sell

  • Chat implementation

  • Service emails

  • Renewals and upgrades

How we help: service design, journey mapping, A/B testing, google goal setting

loyal customer

Do you offer additional digital only value to your offer? Do you reward loyalty? Do your customers interact with each other? Do customers provide a good source of referrals?

Digital activities include:


  • Social media

  • Loyalty programmes

  • Member get member 

How we help: service design, journey mapping, A/B testing, customer feedback gathering 

your product or service

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